Around the world, at least 2 billion people are drinking water contaminated with feces. 

That's not okay. And so we invite you to do something about it.

Start by joining us for the Walk for Water on Saturday, May 18, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

Then expand your impact, by making a gift to help us reach our goal of bringing clean water to 150 families in Rwanda. Or better yet - create your own fundraising page and ask your friends and families to help us reach our goals.

20 Liters makes equips vulnerable people with water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions that are simple, effective, and longs lasting. Our values are rooted in a desire to partner with the most vulnerable to empower their communities with sustainable solutions to support a basic human right – access to clean water.

Starting with improving health, access to clean water opens doors for increased economic opportunities and makes attending school possible for kids who were missing school because of water-borne illnesses. Access to clean water can empower vulnerable families to pursue a better future. 

Meet Our Advocates

Meet our advocates who are fundraising to make dirty water clean.

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